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"What would you do differently if you were in Tony Blair's situation?" (2003-08-25)

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2014-01-20 Is it time for the United States to abolish the death penalty?
2014-01-09 Dennis Rodman's basketball diplomacy seems to work in North Korea, according to the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Do you agree?
2014-01-01 Are you optimistic about 2014?
2013-12-23 Has 2013 been the worst year of Barack Obama's presidency, as some have suggested?
2013-12-12 While U.S. taxpayers lost over $10 billion on the federal government bailout of General Motors, many consider the initiative a success. Was it money well spent?
2013-12-05 GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter, Jr. has said that if Washington were forced into a war with Iran over its nuclear program the U.S. should use nuclear devices. Do you agree?
2013-11-26 Is the nuclear deal with Iran good or bad?
2013-11-19 Who is more likely to win the 2014 midterm elections for the U.S. Congress?
2013-11-06 New Jersey exit polls matched Gov. Chris Christie against Hillary Clinton for President. If the election were today, who would you support?
2013-10-23 According to a new Gallup poll, a clear majority of Americans (58%) say marijuana should be legalized. What is your opinion?
2013-10-17 Has the U.S. regained credibility and standing in the world thanks to the last-minute debt deal?
2013-10-07 Will the U.S. government shutdown strengthen or weaken the Tea Party?
2013-10-03 Vladimir Putin was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the Syrian-U.S. dispute. Does he deserve the prize?
2013-10-01 Who is more to blame for the U.S. government shutdown?
2013-09-25 Is defunding Obamacare a good idea?
2011-12-06 Who will become the Republican nominee to face Barack Obama in November 2012?
2011-11-28 Should the 200 nations that began global climate talks on Monday, Nov. 28, renew the Kyoto Protocol?
2011-11-06 Should the international community be more active regarding the tense situation in Syria?
2011-11-02 Do you agree with Greek Prime Minister Papandreou's decision to hold a referendum on a 130 billion euro bailout package?
2011-10-21 From what you've heard, do you favor or oppose U.S. presidential candidate Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan?
2011-09-20 Is the situation ripe for Palestine to get a UN seat?
2011-09-09 How would you grade Barack Obama's September 8 speech about jobs?
2011-08-08 Do you agree with Standard & Poor's decision to downgrade the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA+?
2011-08-03 What do you think about the U.S. debt-ceiling deal?
2011-07-22 Of the following three, which do you think will be the most important global political event of 2012?
2011-06-07 Who will become the 2012 Republican presidential candidate?
2011-05-16 Do you agree with those who say that the U.S. should sell assets like gold to get out of debt?
2011-05-02 How much will bin Laden's death weaken Al Qaeda?
2011-04-26 Do you think that the latest IMF official forecasts that China's economy will surpass that of America in real terms in 2016 are realistic?
2011-03-30 What is the most likely outcome in Libya?
2011-03-14 Have you changed your mind about nuclear power following the post-earthquake accidents at Japan's nuclear power plants?
2011-02-24 Will democracy take root in the Arab world in the wake of the current wave of popular uprisings?
2011-01-31 Are you worried or optimistic about the situation in Egypt?
2011-01-26 How would you grade Barack Obama's State of the Union address?
2011-01-17 Do you agree with a Pentagon commission's recommendation that women should be allowed to serve in combat units?
2010-12-23 On the whole, was 2010 a successful year for U.S. President Obama?
2010-11-29 Will the leak of confidential diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks really harm U.S. foreign policy as some fear?
2010-11-03 Is it good for the United States that Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives?
2010-10-19 How important is it to capture Osama bin Laden?
2010-09-30 On the whole, how do you view the United Nations?
2010-09-16 Has the Tea Party movement strengthened or weakened the GOP?
2010-09-07 Is Islam responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks?
2010-08-20 Is the U.S. economy entering a double-dip recession?
2010-08-16 Is the plan to build a mosque near NYC's Ground Zero insensitive to Americans, especially those who lost relatives in the 9/11 attacks?
2010-07-27 Did WikiLeaks do the right thing when it released classified Pentagon documents on the war in Afghanistan?
2010-06-24 How much time do you spend on print & online news media?
2010-06-22 Afghan President Karzai has strongly endorsed Gen. McChrystal, calling him the "best commander" of the Afghan war, but the White House is angry at the general following a Rolling Stone magazine article that quotes him and aides criticizing senior Obama officials. Who's right?
2010-06-19 Will the Republicans win control of the House of Representatives in the November elections?
2010-06-11 Should BP CEO Tony Hayward stay on or resign?
2010-05-26 How would you grade the Obama administration's response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill?
2010-05-13 Has the Gulf of Mexico oil spill changed your mind about offshore drilling?
2010-04-28 Should the EU help Greece stay in the eurozone at any cost or would it be better if Greece left the euro?
2010-04-08 Will the nuclear arms treaty signed by Obama & Medvedev in Prague change the world for the better?
2010-03-26 Do you approve of the Vatican's handling of the recent sex abuse scandals?
2010-03-15 What is your opinion about the Obama administration's stance on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?
2010-03-08 In hindsight, was George W. Bush right to invade Iraq in 2003?
2010-02-19 Is the Tea Party movement a passing fad or is it here to stay?
2010-02-11 Should the U.S. end its "Don't Ask Don't Tell" rule and allow homosexuals to serve openly in the military?
2010-02-05 Will the U.S. pass a health care bill by the end of June 2010?
2010-02-02 Do you agree with Barack Obama's call on NASA to cancel the program that was to return humans to the Moon by 2020?
2010-01-28 How would you grade Barack Obama's State of the Union speech?
2010-01-15 Is the world doing enough to help Haiti cope with the aftermath of the deadly earthquake?
2010-01-12 Should U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid step down over his racial remarks about Barack Obama?
2010-01-04 Do you agree with full-body scans at airports?
2009-12-22 Are you more optimistic about the future than you were one year ago?
2009-11-27 For which of the following topics do you have the biggest problem finding news on the Internet?
2009-11-20 Is Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy the right person to lead the EU as its president?
2009-11-09 Has the world taken advantage of the opportunities brought about by the fall of the Berlin Wall 20 years ago?
2009-10-30 According to the White House, 650,000 jobs were created or saved by $150 billion in stimulus funds. Was it money well spent?
2009-10-16 Do you approve of negotiating with the Taliban in the name of peace, or should the movement be crushed by military means?
2009-10-09 Do you agree with The Nobel Committee's choice of Barack Obama as the Nobel Peace Prize winner?
2009-09-21 Should more troops be sent to Afghanistan as some suggest?
2009-09-16 Do you agree with Jimmy Carter that race is at the core of much of the opposition to President Barack Obama?
2009-09-08 Whether you are an American or not, what's your opinion about U.S. healthcare reform?
2009-08-19 Do you believe that a global economic recovery is already underway?
2009-08-04 How should the media treat the claim that Obama was not born in the U.S.?
2009-07-09 Which member of Obama's administration has exceeded your expectations?
2009-06-10 What technology holds the greatest potential for production of environmentally friendly cars that can be affordable to regular car buyers?
2009-05-25 How many social networking sites (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter etc.) do you regularly use?
2009-05-12 What is your attitude toward alternative medicine (homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine etc.)?
2009-05-04 How would you describe the swine flu-affected countries' response to the pandemic?
2009-04-22 Do you agree with U.S. President Obama's decision to create a bipartisan commission to investigate the Bush administration's use of harsh interrogation techniques on terrorism suspects?
2009-04-06 What do you think about Barack Obama's call for global nuclear disarmament?
2009-04-02 Would you call this week's G-20 summit a success?
2009-03-24 What do you think about China's call for a new global currency controlled by the International Monetary Fund that would replace the U.S. dollar?
2009-03-19 You can't resolve the AIDS epidemic with the distribution of condoms, Pope Benedict XVI said. Do you agree?
2009-03-16 What does Russia's plan to deploy strategic bombers to Cuba and Venezuela show?
2009-03-12 Your opinion about climate change aside, do you think that global warming proponents show the tendency to ignore certain facts contradicting their theory?
2009-03-04 To what extent does Rush Limbaugh speak for the Republican party?
2009-02-25 Do you agree with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal who called U.S. President Obama's $787 billion stimulus "irresponsible" legislation?
2009-02-16 What should be the Obama administration's #1 foreign policy priority?
2009-02-05 What do you think about U.S. President Obama's $500,000 cap on senior executive pay at companies receiving federal bailout money?
2009-01-26 What should be the Republican party's role vis-a-vis the Obama administration?
2009-01-13 Many have labeled George W. Bush a failed president. Do you think that history will be kinder to him?
2008-12-28 Will the world economy start to recover from the current economic crisis in 2009?
2008-12-11 Has the world economic slowdown negatively affected your Christmas gift spending?
2008-12-04 Should the Big Three U.S. automakers - Ford, GM and Chrysler - get their desired bailout?
2008-11-21 Do you agree with American intelligence agencies' prediction that China and India will cut into U.S. clout over the next two decades?
2008-11-14 Is Sarah Palin the most likely 2012 GOP presidential candidate?
2008-11-11 Who should U.S. President-Elect Barack Obama choose as his secretary of state?
2008-11-05 Will Barack Obama be able to fulfill his major campaign promises and significantly change the United States?
2008-10-30 Who should become the next U.S. President?
2008-10-20 Is the world economy experiencing just another 'cyclic' downturn, however severe it may be, or are we at the beginning of a new global financial order?
2008-10-09 What is the biggest obstacle that may prevent Barack Obama from winning the 2008 U.S. presidential election?
2008-09-26 Is the planned bailout of the U.S. financial system really necessary?
2008-09-25 Speaking about a "historic crisis", John McCain has suspended his presidential campaign. Do you agree with his decision or is it a mistake?
2008-09-22 To get the best information about the U.S. presidential election:
2008-08-29 What do you think about John McCain's choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate?
2008-08-23 What do you think about Barack Obama's choice of Joe Biden as his running mate?
2008-08-13 Which side is more to blame for the conflict between Russia and Georgia?
2008-08-05 Which country will win the most medals at the Beijing Olympics?
2008-07-28 According to a recent poll a third of Muslim students in Britain believe killing someone in the name of religion is justified. Does this figure surprise you?
2008-07-15 Regardless of your general preferences, which U.S. presidential candidate's Iraq policy do you support?
2008-07-03 Does John McCain's military service experience give him a substantial advantage over Barack Obama?
2008-06-30 Which strategy has the highest chance of improving the situation in Zimbabwe?
2008-06-18 Should the U.S. end its offshore drilling ban to tackle the rising oil prices?
2008-06-07 Will oil prices reach $150 a barrel by July 4, as some suggest?
2008-05-29 Why are certain people so upset about Scott McClellan's memoir?
2008-05-26 Should we consider polygamy universally wrong, under all circumstances and in all religious traditions?
2008-05-20 Should all countries agree to a total ban on cluster bombs?
2008-05-13 Should aid organizations and foreign governments attempt to supply Myanmar with as much aid as possible even if there's a great risk that the Myanmar junta is misusing it?
2008-05-05 Did Yahoo make a mistake when it rejected Microsoft's takeover bid?
2008-04-24 Has the continuing battle for the U.S. democratic presidential nomination lowered the chances of the eventual democratic nominee of beating John McCain in the November election?
2008-04-14 The U.S. presidential election: Is it right for Hillary Clinton, John McCain and the media to pay so much attention to Barack Obama's "bitter" remarks?
2008-04-06 How would you describe the relationship between Russia and the United States?
2008-03-26 "Clinton should quit now or risk handing McCain the White House." Do you agree?
2008-03-10 In hindsight, was it right for the U.S. media to be generally supportive of the Bush administration in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks?
2008-03-05 Should Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama join forces and create a democratic "dream ticket"?
2008-02-25 Would you call Ralph Nader's decision to run for president selfish?
2008-02-18 Is Kosovo's decision to declare independence the right move at the right time?
2008-02-13 Do you agree with Danish newspapers' decision to reprint cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to show their commitment to freedom of speech?
2008-02-04 Would a Microsoft-Yahoo merger be good or bad news for the Internet?
2008-01-31 Is the world economy experiencing a slowdown or recession?
2008-01-23 Do you think Bill Clinton is too openly involved in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign?
2008-01-09 Do you think Michael Bloomberg should enter the presidential race as a third party candidate?
2008-01-06 Who do you think will win the New Hampshire Republican primaries?
2008-01-04 Who do you think will win the New Hampshire Democratic Party primary?
2007-11-12 Who do you support for U.S. President? Vote in our pre-Iowa caucus readers' poll:
2007-11-01 Has the quality of U.S. media coverage of the Bush Administration and the Iraq war improved or deteriorated since 2002?
2007-10-22 "Tourists who travel to Cuba and spend money there support the country's authoritarian regime and thus hurt the Cuban people." Do you agree?
2007-10-12 Does Al Gore deserve this year's Nobel Peace Prize?
2007-10-09 Do you think that democratic countries should boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics?
2007-10-08 Is it good news that General Pervez Musharraf remains Pakistan's president?
2007-09-20 Was it right to reject Iranian President Ahmadinejad's request to be granted permission to lay a wreath at New York's World Trade Center site?
2007-09-07 Is the U.S. safer than it was six years ago?
2007-08-21 Do you agree that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration should let healthy U.S. airline pilots fly until they reach 65?
2007-08-10 Do you still prefer to buy music on CDs or have you switched to music download purchases from online services?
2007-07-30 A Gallup poll has found that most Americans continue to oppose lowering the legal drinking age to 18 in all states. What do you think should be the legal drinking age?
2007-07-19 Does the U.S. cable TV program The Sopranos deserve its 15 Emmy Awards nominations?
2007-07-03 "Compared to other actors in the CIA leak case and other recent scandals, Lewis "Scooter" Libby is a small fish, so he wouldn't deserve to go to jail alone." Do you agree?
2007-06-25 Do you agree with Tracy Dove that Vladimir Putin "may possibly be the best statesman that Russia has had in the last two centuries"? (read the whole column here)
2007-06-21 Who will lose more voters if NY City Mayor Bloomberg runs for U.S. president as an independent candidate?
2007-06-11 When buying a new car, what role does its country of origin play in your decision making?
2007-05-29 Based on the way he governs Venezuela, does Hugo Chavez deserve the label of "dictator"?
2007-05-23 Should the Taliban be invited to take part in talks about Afghanistan's future, as Pakistan President Musharraf suggested?
2007-05-15 Do you agree with Microsoft's claim that Linux and other open source software projects violate its patents?
2007-05-07 What impact will Nicholas Sarkozy's election as France's next president have on U.S.-European relations?
2007-04-26 Do you agree with New York Mayor Bloomberg that Al Gore should run for U.S. president in 2008, because "it would be good for the country"?
2007-04-23 Are calls for World Bank President Wolfowitz to step down justified?
2007-04-14 Who is the best candidate to become France's next president?
2007-04-07 Has the British-Iranian hostage crisis changed your mind about Iran?
2007-04-04 Was it a mistake for U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to meet with Syrian President Bashar Assad?
2007-03-26 Do you agree with the Pope that the EU is weakening its own identity by ignoring Christianity?
2007-03-19 Do you agree with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that the U.S.-led Iraq war is 'worth the sacrifice'?
2007-03-08 Does Google's market position harm the development of the Internet?
2007-02-23 96% of Taiwanese think good looks are vital for getting and holding a good job, a poll showed. Do you agree?
2007-02-16 "I hate gay people," former NBA basketball player Tim Hardaway said during a radio interview. Did he have - based on freedom of speech - the right to say this?
2007-02-13 Is the Iranian regime as dangerous and irresponsible as to be willing to use nuclear arms if it acquires them?
2007-02-02 "Jesus came to save all mankind and that includes you...me...and Osama bin Laden," according to an Australian pastor, who insists that the claim adheres to Christian beliefs. What is your opinion?
2007-01-17 Who has the highest chances of becoming the 2008 Democratic nominee for U.S. president?
2007-01-09 A Brazilian judge has ordered YouTube to stop Brazilians from viewing steamy footage of supermodel Daniela Cicarelli and her boyfriend. Is it censorship?
2007-01-02 What do you think about the pace of EU enlargement?
2006-12-15 On the whole, has Kofi Annan been a successful UN secretary-general?
2006-12-06 What do you think about the recommendations of the Iraq study group's report?
2006-11-29 Should Turkey attempt to serve as a bridge between Christianity and Islam?
2006-11-16 Do you agree with UN chief Kofi Annan that global warming is one of the gravest threats to the world?
2006-11-08 What impact will Donald Rumsfeld's resignation have on U.S. foreign and defense policy?
2006-10-24 Do you generally prefer Airbus or Boeing planes?
2006-10-12 Should Iraq's regions gain more autonomy or should the country even be divided into three independent states?
2006-10-04 Employers can pay men more than women if their length of service is shorter because of taking time off to look after children, the European Court of Justice has ruled. Do you agree?
2006-10-02 Do the latest developments in Thailand justify last month's military coup?
2006-09-14 What would be the best outcome of the Nov. 7 midterm elections for the United States?
2006-09-05 Chechnya's President Alkhanov has suggested changing the republic's name to "the Nokhchiin republic" to shed its negative image. Could this move really help?
2006-08-28 Should women be allowed to buy the morning-after pill without first seeing a doctor?
2006-08-18 Should German writer Guenter Grass, who has admitted he was once a teenage member of Hitler's Waffen SS, return the Nobel Prize?
2006-08-11 What do the foiled UK terror attacks show in the first place?
2006-08-02 Can communism survive in Cuba without Fidel Castro as the country's leader?
2006-07-25 Would it be better if Kosovo remained part of Serbia or should it become independent?
2006-07-17 As the Mideast conflict involving Israel and Lebanon escalates, who will pay the biggest price?
2006-07-13 Should China, India, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa - or at least some of them - be invited to join the G8 group as Tony Blair has suggested?
2006-07-07 Have you spent more time watching the 2006 Soccer World Cup in Germany or the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece?
2006-06-27 Is it a good idea that Ukraine should join NATO?
2006-06-16 Should the EU bury its constitution now or does it make sense to postpone the final decision until 2008 and give the idea one more chance?
2006-06-07 Do you agree that the U.S. approach to fighting terrorism is alienating Muslims?
2006-05-29 How would you evaluate the performance of Pope Benedict XVI to date?
2006-05-18 What is your favorite search engine?
2006-05-09 Should British Prime Minister Tony Blair step down?
2006-04-25 What is your favorite web browser?
2006-04-18 Should U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld resign?
2006-04-07 On the whole, does immigration have a positive or negative impact on the United States?
2006-03-30 Should the U.S. and other countries push to suspend Russia's membership in the G8 group until it ends its rollback of democratic reforms?
2006-03-20 Can the Belarussian opposition emulate Ukraine or Georgia and bring about the fall of President Lukashenko's regime in the foreseeable future?
2006-03-10 According to a new report, there are now 793 billionaires around the world. Does this figure surprise you?
2006-03-04 Will Google's spectacular growth continue or will it slow down?
2006-02-22 Will the U.S. Republican Party retain control of the Senate and House of Representatives in the November elections?
2006-02-19 Will the Israeli government and Hamas be able to overcome their mutual animosity and cooperate?
2006-02-16 The U.S. should close its Guantanamo Bay detention camp and give its detainees an independent trial or release them, a UN report says. Do you agree?
2006-02-07 According to a plan by AOL and Yahoo, companies would be charged for guaranteed delivery of e-mails to the inboxes of their subscribers. Would this be a good way to fight spam?
2006-02-06 How would you describe the uproar over the controversial Mohammad cartoons?
2006-02-03 Do you agree with those who defend newspapers' right to publish caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed?
2006-01-27 Does Hamas' victory in the Palestinian election show that democracy is not suitable for Muslim countries of the Middle East?
2006-01-20 Do you take seriously Osama bin Laden's warnings of preparations for new attacks against the U.S.?
2006-01-13 Does Iran really want to develop nuclear weapons?
2006-01-06 Will Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's departure bring instability in Israeli-Palestinian relations, as some suggest?
2006-01-02 Will the Russian-Ukrainian gas dispute have a limited impact or will it have long-lasting consequences for the two countries' relations?
2005-12-23 What does Christmas mean to you in the first place?
2005-12-16 Can we expect more stability in Iraq following the elections?
2005-12-09 Do you agree with the UK's top court ruling that evidence obtained through torture in other countries cannot be used in Britain?
2005-12-02 Should other countries emulate South Africa and allow same-sex marriages?
2005-11-25 Do you agree that British historian David Irving and other Holocaust deniers should face prison time?
2005-11-21 Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has left Likud, the right-wing party he helped form 30 years ago, to lead a new centrist party into an early election. Will his risky decision pay off?
2005-11-14 Will Germany's grand coalition survive its four-year term?
2005-11-09 Will the Democratic Party take over the House of Representatives in 2006?
2005-11-02 Will George Bush's latest Supreme Court nominee, Samuel Alito, be confirmed by the U.S. Senate?
2005-10-07 The International Atomic Energy Agency and its head, Mohamed ElBaradei, have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Do you agree with this choice?
2005-09-05 Have you become more afraid of flying as a result of the recent plane crashes?
2005-08-11 Who is the most likely person to become the next U.S. president?
2005-08-02 Can oil prices reach $100 a barrel by next summer?
2005-07-28 Is the IRA's announcement that it will 'give up arms and violence' a cause for optimism?
2005-07-22 Are the terrorist attacks against Britain due to London's deep involvement in the U.S.-led war in Iraq?
2005-07-07 What do the London terorrist attacks show?
2005-07-06 Do you agree with the IOC's choice of London as the host of the 2012 Olympic Games?
2005-06-21 Do you agree with U.S. columnist Dave Zweifel that 'we've seen enough to impeach [U.S. President] Bush'?
2005-06-16 Japan and France are to work together to develop a successor to the Concorde. Is the idea of a new passenger supersonic jet a good one?
2005-06-02 Following the French and Dutch rejection of the proposed EU constitution, does it make sense to continue with the ratification process?
2005-05-30 Did the French 'No' deal a fatal blow to the EU constitution?
2005-05-24 Who is more to blame for the strained relations between Japan and China?
2005-05-06 Is Tony Blair's re-election good news for Britain?
2005-04-28 U.S. actress Maggie Gyllenhaal has sparked controversy by saying the U.S. was "responsible in some way for the 9/11 attacks". She deserves:
2005-04-12 What do you think about women's boxing?
2005-04-05 Should the new pope be more conservative or more liberal than John Paul II?
2005-03-24 Should homosexuals be barred from becoming priests?
2005-02-21 Do you agree with Bob Dylan that the latest generation of rock acts are 'amateurs'?
2005-02-17 Is the Kyoto Protocol a step in the right direction?
2005-02-12 Will former U.S. presidential candidate Howard Dean be a good chairman of the Democratic party?
2005-02-01 Only half of U.S. teens feel newspapers should be allowed to publish stories that do not have the government's approval, a recent survey has found. Does the finding surprise you?
2005-01-21 How would you grade President Bush's inauguration speech?
2005-01-14 Is Darwinism a theory or a fact?
2004-12-28 Is the world doing enough to help the countries hit by the earthquake and tsunamis?
2004-12-15 U.S. President Bush awarded the nation's highest civilian honor, the Medal of Freedom, to three men key to his Iraq policy: George Tenet, Tommy Franks and Paul Bremer. Do they deserve the honor?
2004-12-07 Is there civil war in Iraq?
2004-11-22 A new video game allows players to simulate the assassination of former U.S. President Kennedy. Do you agree with those who call it despicable?
2004-11-11 Do you believe that Yasser Arafat's death will lead to progress in the Mideast peace process?
2004-11-04 Is it good or bad news for Osama bin Laden and other terrorists that George W. Bush was re-elected as U.S. President?
2004-10-22 The European Commission has launched shock tobacco ads with pictures showing rotten lungs or a man with a large tumor on his throat. Is this a good way to fight smoking?
2004-10-05 Is it a good idea that Brazil, Germany, Japan and India should join the UN Security Council as permanent members?
2004-09-09 Do you agree with Russian President Putin's claim that Chechen separatists are terrorists just as bad as Osama bin Laden?
2004-09-03 Who will win the U.S. presidential election due November 2?
2004-08-26 When considering whether to fly or not, do you take the threat of a terrorist attack into account?
2004-08-05 When looking for international news, are you primarily interested in topics (politics, terrorism, business, trade, oil etc.) or in countries & regions (Russia, Balkans, Africa etc.)?
2004-07-21 The United Nations has overwhelmingly adopted a resolution urging Israel to dismantle the 'Security Wall'. Do you agree with the demand?
2004-07-07 Will John Edwards help John Kerry defeat George Bush in U.S. Presidential election?
2004-07-02 What is your overall evaluation of the United Nations and its role in world affairs?
2004-06-23 What do you think about the timing of the Iraq Power Handover (June 28)?
2004-06-11 In a few countries, such as Australia and Belgium, voting at elections is compulsory. Is it a good idea?
2004-06-03 U.S. President Bush compared the war on terror to World War II and the Cold War. Do you agree?
2004-05-31 Do you think the Saudi crisis marks the beginning of an era of heightened instability of the oil markets and extra-high oil prices?
2004-05-17 How would you describe progress that has been made in racial equality in the 50 years since Brown v. Board of Education?
2004-05-10 Should Donald Rumsfeld resign?
2004-05-03 Have the media paid enough attention to the European Union's May 1st enlargement?
2004-04-23 Some former members of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party in Iraq will be allowed to return to their positions as teachers and in the military. Is it a mistake?
2004-04-05 Is Iraq on the verge of civil war?
2004-03-23 Bush's former counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke accuses the Bush administration of ignoring repeated warnings about an al Qaeda threat in 2001 and looking for an excuse to attack Iraq. Do you find his charges justified?
2004-03-16 Is it good news for Russia that President Vladimir Putin has been re-elected for a second term?
2004-03-04 According to a recent poll, many in Europe, Canada and Mexico believe that the Iraq war increased the threat of terrorism in the world. Do you agree?
2004-02-18 What is your primary source of daily news?
2004-02-06 Will Osama bin Laden be caught before the U.S. November elections?
2004-01-27 French President Chirac has called for the EU to lift an arms embargo imposed on China after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. Do you agree?
2004-01-21 Which of the following foreign policy issues would you assign the highest priority?
2004-01-12 Should U.S. President Bush be impeached for misleading the public on the issue of Iraq
2004-01-01 Are you optimistic or pessimistic about 2004?
2003-12-24 What does Christmas mean for you in the first place?
2003-12-16 Should Saddam Hussein be held accountable for the Iraq-Iran war?
2003-12-09 What did Russia's parliamentary elections show?
2003-12-05 Would you be in favor of a new lunar exploration program that President Bush's aides are considering?
2003-11-28 Is it a good idea that the EU should have a constitution?
2003-11-24 Is the media coverage of casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan appropriate?
2003-11-20 Do you think that al Qaeda is behind the latest explosions that hit Istanbul?
2003-11-14 Should Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze annul the Nov. 2 elections and resign, as the opposition demands?
2003-11-10 Does the Confederate flag symbolize racism?
2003-11-03 Europeans believe Israel poses the biggest threat to world peace, just ahead of North Korea, Iran and the United States, according to an EU poll. Do the results surprise you?
2003-10-24 Should euthanasia be legal?
2003-10-20 A recent worldwide poll on religious beliefs showed that religion is far more important to people than politics. Do you agree?
2003-10-15 Are you a vegetarian?
2003-10-10 Should suspected al-Qaeda and Taleban members held in the U.S. military camp at Guantanamo Bay be allowed access to lawyers?
2003-10-06 Was the Israeli air strike on Syria (in the wake of a suicide attack in Israel) justified?
2003-09-30 Should prostitution be legal?
2003-09-25 Which of the democratic candidates for U.S. president has the best chance to unseat the current president, George W. Bush, in the 2004 elections?
2003-09-22 Should children be allowed to watch violent images on TV news (such as war scenes)?
2003-09-16 What happened to Iraq's weapons of mass destruction?
2003-09-11 Is Al Qaeda capable of carrying out another major attack against the U.S. or other countries?
2003-09-10 Will the new Palestinian Authority prime minister, Ahmed Qorei, be more successful than his predecessor Mahmoud Abbas?
2003-09-09 Are we on the verge of a massive SARS outbreak?
2003-09-04 What age should people become eligible to vote in state/national elections?
2003-09-01 Should the U.S. sign a non-aggression pact with North Korea?
2003-08-27 Would the world be a more peaceful place if there were more women in politics?
2003-08-25 "What would you do differently if you were in Tony Blair's situation?"
2003-08-20 How can the situation in Iraq be improved?
2003-08-18 Have you ever bought music from one of the online services that let you legally download songs/albums?
2003-08-15 Has your computer been infected with the MSBlast/LoveSAN virus?
2003-08-13 Is the heat wave in Europe a sign of global warming?
2003-08-11 What do you think about some governments' attempts to ban smoking in all pubs, restaurants and similar places?
2003-08-07 Some people worry that in the long term genetically modified food might prove to have a negative effect on the environment and/or people's health. Do you share these fears?
2003-08-04 Is it OK with you if openly gay people serve as priests/pastors?
2003-07-31 Is mainland China willing to wage a full-scale war in the Taiwan Strait?
2003-07-29 Would you like to see Arnold Schwarzenegger run for governor of California?
2003-07-25 Would you allow drivers to have one drink - one beer/one glass of wine/one shot - before driving?
2003-07-23 Is illegal downloading of music from the Internet a serious crime?
2003-07-22 Kofi Annan said that "we can really salvage the situation [in Liberia] if troops were to be deployed urgently and promptly." What's your opinion?
2003-07-18 What is the most likely scenario for Hong Kong's future?
2003-07-16 Do the media pay too much attention to U.S. President Bush's January claim that Iraq had tried to buy nuclear material from Africa?
2003-07-14 Is Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon justified when pressing the EU to cut ties with Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat?
2003-07-11 Has reality TV reached the peak of its popularity yet?
2003-07-09 Should same-sex marriages be legal?
2003-07-07 What is Africa's biggest problem?
2003-07-03 Do you agree that Vancouver will be the best host of the next Olympics?
2003-07-02 Another general topic: abortion. Which are you?
2003-06-23 Should cannabis be legalized?
2003-06-18 Lawlessness is hampering attempts to rebuild
2003-06-16 N.Korea expelled UN inspectors, Iran might be developing WMDs secretly and Iraq
2003-06-11 Saddam Hussein has still not been captured, where do you think he is?
2003-06-09 Do you feel misled over weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?
2003-06-05 Will the current 'road map' plan finally lead to peace between Palestinians and Israelis?
2003-06-02 Of the topics at the G-8 summit in Evian, which do you think deserves the most attention?
2003-05-27 Air traffic controllers in France have joined teachers and other public sector employees in strikes against the government's pension reform plans. Are their protests justified?
2003-05-23 As warnings are lifted yet new cases continue to appear, do you think the overall world SARS situation is getting under control?
2003-05-20 What should the World Health Organization fight more intensely?
2003-05-15 China has threatened to execute or jail for life anyone who breaks SARS quarantine orders and spreads the virus intentionally. Does the country's situation justify such an approach?
2003-05-12 Is Russia's war against Chechen rebels a war against terrorism?
2003-05-07 Is French Interior Minister Sarkozy justified in asking muslim women to go bareheaded when posing for pictures for their identity cards?
2003-05-02 Is separation of church and state in the United States in danger?
2003-04-30 Libya has accepted responsibility for the 1988 Lockerbie bombing and set up a fund to compensate victims' families. Are you surprised by the move?
2003-04-28 Can SARS cause a global economic recession?
2003-04-25 Shoko Asahara, leader of the Aum Shrini Kyo sect, is accused of a Tokyo subway attack, which killed 12 and injured more than 5,000. Should he be given the death penalty if he is found guilty?
2003-04-23 Do North Korea's weapons pose a real threat or are they rather a bargaining chip?
2003-04-21 Does the U.S. have sufficient power and will to help bring an end to the Israeli-Palestine conflict?
2003-04-20 There are more than 3,500 cases of SARS in the world so far. Has its outbreak affected you?
2003-04-16 Do you believe Syria has provided a haven to Iraqi officials loyal to Saddam Hussein?
2003-04-15 Do you believe there are chemical weapons in Iraq?
2003-04-11 Did Saddam Hussein survive the U.S.-led attack on Iraq? Is he dead or alive?
2003-04-09 Can (western-type) democracy succeed in Iraq?
2003-04-07 Should the UN play a major role in post-war Iraq?
2003-04-04 Does the international community exert enough pressure on Fidel Castro's regime regarding the trials of Cuba's dissidents?
2003-04-02 Have you changed/would you change your travel plans due to the mysterious SARS illness?
2003-03-26 Will the European-American relationship recover from the current crisis?
2003-03-24 Could a quick defeat of Saddam Hussein's regime bring more stability to the Middle East?
2003-03-21 Are you satisfied or disappointed with the war against Iraq and its course?
2003-03-19 Does the so-called "coalition of the willing" lend legitimacy to the looming war against Iraq?
2003-03-17 Has the current crisis over Iraq shown that the UN Security Council is useless?
2003-03-12 Is the current U.S. administration justified when it opposes the International Criminal Court?
2003-03-11 Is a peaceful resolution to the Iraq crisis still possible?
2003-03-05 What's your opinion about Stalin's role in the USSR/Russia's history?
2003-02-27 The former Bosnian Serb president, Biljana Plavsic (72), has been sentenced by the International War Crimes Tribunal to 11 years in prison for crimes against humanity. Do you agree with the sentence?
2003-02-26 Is socialism on the verge of complete extinction?
2003-02-21 Has NATO's credibility been weakened by the alliance's bitter dispute over military aid to Turkey?
2003-02-18 Frech President Chirac criticized the east European candidates for EU membership that signed two public letters of support for the American stance on Iraq. Should these countries have coordinated their positions on Iraq more closely with the current EU members?
2003-02-17 In order to cut the numbers of vehicles clogging the streets od London, drivers are now charged
2003-02-12 Is it a good idea that Russia's President Putin should act as a broker between the United States and its European critics (regarding the issue of Iraq)?
2003-02-06 Is there a real chance the North Korean regime will reform itself and stop being a threat to its neighbors?
2003-02-01 In addition to a thorough investigation, what should the American space agency NASA do in reaction to the tragedy of the space shuttle Columbia?
2003-01-28 Has Dr. Hans Blix sufficiently justified the continuation of UN arms inspections in Iraq ?
2003-01-20 Do you read more often EIN's daily briefs or websites?
2003-01-13 What do you think of EIN's new design?
2003-01-12 In parts of the world support for military action in Iraq is falling despite signs of its inevitability. What is your preferred solution?